Yinka's Cassava Crisps

Thin | Crunchy | Nutritious

Our Flavors:

Perfectly Salted;
Sizzling Hot Chilli;
Amazing Paprika

Our cassava crisps are made from freshly hand-picked cassava tubers, deepfried using sunflower oil and seasoned perfectly giving you an unforgetable taste!

Mhogo foods cassava flour


Natural Cassava Flour

Fortified Cassava Flour

Mhogo Foods Cassava Flour is 100%natural, nutritious gluten-free flour cassava made from the best hand picked cassava tubers, sundried and milled. 
Best for cakes, pancakes, porridge, thickening soup, ugali and many more gluten-free meals.

Cassava Starch / tapioca flour

Our Cassava Starch is made from hand-picked cassaav tubers. It can be used for both home and industrial uses. 

Zero Hunger
Mhogo Foods is contributing towards achieving zero hunger by 2030 which is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Farmer Empowerment
We work with small-holder farmers to give you quality products and give the farmers an sustainable business model therefore contributing towards SDG 2(No Poverty)
We provide the best quality products from well selected raw materials. Our raw materials are NON-GMO, free from pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals. 

We provide nutritious products for our client to promote good health and wellbeing. Our products are gluten-free and high in nutrition.

About Us

Mhogo Foods is a company that adds value to the cassava tubers by processing them into affrordable, nutritious gluten-free flour, cassava crisps, cassava starch and cassava based animal feeds.
Our goal is to be the leading cassava value addition company in Africa and contribute to achieving zero hunder by 2030, positively impacting small-holder farmers.
Mhogo Foods works with farmers in Kenya whare we train them on how to farm the tubers. We give our farmers a fair deal for their produce to enable them have a sustainable income from their farms.

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